What Are Curated NFTs?

Get back to focusing on what really matters: creativity and community! Leave the value to us!
  • Add Gold & Silver to your NFT Collection.
  • Gold Silver Standard Curated NFTs are the new standard in non-fungible tokens.
  • Putting an absolute floor price to an NFT collection.
  • You can focus on what's important – artwork, utility and community - leave the value to us.
Simply put, Curated NFTs are the new standard in non-fungible tokens! We combine artistic value, community value and financial store of value to create a truly unique and valuable experience for users. Never before has this been possible, and we're excited to offer this innovative solution to the world. With our support, you can focus on what's important - creating an innovative and exciting NFT project that will engage and build your community and brand.
We bring an absolute floor price to your brand's NFTs.
For example, if Louis Vuitton wanted to release a new NFT product and guarantee its value to maintain their premium branding, they can collaborate with the Gold Silver Standard team who will take care of all the technical creation, gold and silver backing and network maintenance. This leaves Louis Vuitton to focus on what’s important to them, promoting their brand.
If you're an artist or creator, we provide a hassle-free way to bring your work to market. We handle creating and backing your work, so you can focus on what you do best - creating amazing art, building innovative utility and offering unique collectibles to your existing fan base! And because we'll back your creations with AUS and AGS, you can guarantee that your collection will maintain its value over time.

Collaborate with Gold Silver Standard

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