Community Value

A pirate ship is only as good as its crew. Build a map to find extra treasure.

Gold Club

When you own a full background map, you can access the exclusive Gold Club on our Discord. The Gold Club is a premium experience where the community can meet the team and discuss upcoming Gold Silver Standard projects, among other things.
To surpass traditional valuation metrics Gold Silver Standard will establish a strong community of like-minded individuals who all believe in building the bridge between value in the real and digital worlds. By owning a Gold Silver Pirate background map, you become a part of our exclusive club.

Join The Whitelist!

Once you own 1 of the 10,000 Gold Silver Pirates, you’re a part of our gold-loving crew. That also means that you have to access our future adventures with Gold Silver Standard. More gold and silver is coming, and by securing a Gold Silver Pirate NFT you get a key to our future treasure chest of Gold Silver Standard projects.
1 Gold Silver Pirates NFT = 1 opportunity on the whitelist for future NFT drops.
Buying a Gold Silver Pirate gives you the opportunity to join the whitelist for our future drops and projects. Our plan increases the number of projects under the Gold Silver Standard NFTs brand. We can additionally provide the Gold Silver Standard NFT solution to other brands wanting to enter the NFT market with as little risk as possible. A Gold Silver Pirate is your opportunity to have a ticket into the whitelist for future projects that Gold and Silver Standard supports and curates. That brings Gold Silver Pirate holders real direct financial value! It’s an incentive structure that drives traction of Gold Silver Pirates and also keeps our community close. Get in on the ground floor – get a Gold Silver Pirate!

Build Your Map, Boost Your Whitelist Claim!

The Gold Silver Pirates already have value and collectability attributes. Let’s add gamifying and utility to the equation. Want to boost how many Gold Silver Pirates you have the potential to secure in future drops? Well, you’re going to need to collect all pieces of the pirate map – just like a real pirate.
In the background of each NFT, there is 1/6 parts of the FULL background map. Collect 6 pirates all with different parts of the map to gain extra whitelist opportunities.
  • There are 6 different backgrounds that all link up together (to make a full map) There are 4 colours – randomised (red, green, blue and yellow).
  • If you have a set of 6 maps that make up the full map, you boost your whitelisting potential (2x)
  • If you have a set of 6 maps all of the same colour then you supercharge your whitelisting potential (3x)
Buying a Gold Silver Pirate gives you the opportunity to join the whitelist for our future drops and projects. If you want to participate in our whitelist, get yourself a Gold Silver Pirate. If you want more spots, collect a set to make a full background map!

Apes are cool, Pirates are better!

Simply put, Gold Silver Pirates is everything you love about traditional NFTs but better! We combine artistic value, community value AND financial store of value. Never before have these 3 things been combined - and it's a big deal!
If you could have an NFT with or without precious metals backing, what would you choose? It's a no brainer!
Gold Silver Standard has never and will never launch an ICO or fund-raising event. Our service is 100% ready to use as we have already built the required infrastructure, relationships and logistic connections. All of our NFT projects will be minted with their gold and silver backing already set aside, secured in world class storage facilities. Click here for more information about the gold and silver which backs the Gold Silver Pirates.
Gold Silver Pirates are the best solution for anyone looking for the perfect combination of rare collectible art, blockchain utility, with the security and value floor of hard asset backing. Gold Silver Pirates are backed by tangible gold and silver (in the form of AUS and AGS tokens), making them a valuable addition to any portfolio - because their owner has a guaranteed floor price.
Where traditionally, you would store a portion of wealth in physical gold or silver, you now can store wealth in the form of NFTs. This provides the same stability of currency as gold and silver in times of economic uncertainty but with the added value of holding unique, rare art and added utility.