How To Whitelist and Buy

The new Gallery allows for an improved filtering system which will provide an improved experience over OpenSea – making it easier for you to find the Pirates you like best. The Web3 Connection is a tool that we developed to make it easier to view what Gold Silver Pirates you own and how many potential claims you have on our whitelists. To connect your Metamask wallet:
  1. 2.
    Connect your Metamask wallet to our Web3 tool
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When you are connected, you can unlock new features based on your collection of Pirates. For example;
  • Upcoming Drop Previewing
  • Upcoming Drop Whitelisting
  • Viewing your collection

Buying - OpenSea

All Gold Silver Pirates, whitelisted or not, are listed for purchase on OpenSea. If you whitelisted a Pirate for a particular drop, it will be sold to you via a Private Listing. All unwhitelisted Pirate for a particular drop will be listed for anyone to purchase.
If you have do not own a Gold Silver Pirate yet, you can purchase via OpenSea. Once you own a Gold Silver Pirate, you can participate in future drop whitelisting events.
To see the Gold Silver Pirate Collection on OpenSea, click here.