Pirate Artwork

What makes a pirate?


Which pirates will you choose? With 15 different Gold Silver pirates to choose from, each with their own unique traits and quirks, you're sure collect the perfect pirate crew!


Using the background maps is the easiest way of turning your pirates treasures into your best asset! In the background of each NFT, there is 1/6 parts of the FULL background map. Collect 6 pirates all with different parts of the map to gain extra whitelist opportunities. Be sure to collect a full map! For more information about background map utility, see Community Value.

Treasure Chest

The dream of every pirate, a chest filled with gold! If you're looking for the ultimate jackpot- this is it. What do you do with all that gold? Upgrade your ship? Buy more weapons? Bury it? Well, you can do anything you want! All that you have to do now is make sure no other pirates try to steal away what rightfully belongs in YOUR hands.


Pirates are always looking for treasure, but with a telescope they can find even more! A telescope is a must have accessory that will make your pirate dreams come true. Your pirates telescope can also help spot dangers, so keep it pointed at the horizon – you never know what you may find!

Treasure Map

How could any pirate find buried treasure without a treasure map! The thrill of finding buried treasure is enough to make any pirate search high and low. But how do you find that perfect island, or distant land on their map? The answer lies in the details! A good clue can send them halfway around this world but no matter what direction your buccaneer goes they'll know there's finally something worth sailing towards.


Pirates are always looking for something to make their day brighter, and this little guy is it. He's so adorable that even the toughest of pirates will be hooked! Your pirates bird may *tweet* your ear off, but you love him no matter what!


Your pirate can take on any adventure with their trusty pistol by their side! The high seas are dangerous places- but not for them. With this powerful weapon, your pirates are mobile and accurate enough when fighting in the cramped quarters of a ship at sea.


Being a pirate is not for the faint-hearted. The risks are high, and it can be difficult to deal with injuries when they happen; but don't worry because you can simply amputate your leg and replace it with a pegleg! This is a rite of passage for any pirate! It might slow down how quickly your pirate can do what needs done on deck, but it won't stop them. Plus, there's no better way to keep up your adventurous spirit with an injury!


There’s a lot of important hands-on jobs for a pirate. But what happens if you pirate loses a hand in the heat of battle? This is a pirate's life; you have to be ready for anything. Well, it’s time to get a hook. Who needs hands? Not pirates! With this hook for a hand, your pirate can still fight and navigate ships with ease.


Pirates are known for their quick thinking and dirty tricks. But this can often lead to trouble. To make sure they're always prepared for any situation, your pirates can carry swords with them at all times! These blades can be used as a tactical advantage when fighting against enemies. But even more importantly: They look awesome!


The hat is a prized possession that no pirate can live without. Pirates are tough, but they also need some shade! You can't beat a good hat for keeping the sun off your pirate’s face and neck. There are no trees on board, so your pirate will be spending plenty of time out there without any protection from those hot summer days. Practical? Yes. Stylish? Definitely!


Any pirate knows that fighting and raiding treasures gets much harder when your pants are around the ankles. So, wearing a belt made with gold or silver is essential. Thats why all Gold Silver Pirates have one!

Eye Patch

The life of a pirate was not an easy one, with many dangers around every corner. One such danger being losing their eye due to injury or infection which could lead them needing an eye patch. Every pirate secretly wishes they had an excuse to wear an eye patch!


Pirates are a superstitious bunch! Your pirate wears earrings to improve or even cure bad eyesight – because pirates believe that gold and silver earrings have magical healing properties. Pirates also believe that pierced ears cure seasickness – something which is crucial for someone spending so much time on the water! Your pirate also believes that a gold earrings protect them from drowning! No matter what they believe, they definitely look awesome!