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Redeeming your tokens for bullion.
What sets us apart from competitors is the ease with which you can redeem you AUS and AGS tokens for real gold and silver. All redemptions are managed via Ainslie Wealth in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia.
  • Both Gold Standard and Silver Standard tokens are fully redeemable for the bullion, facilitated through Ainslie Wealth. There is a withdrawal fee payable of $250 to cover the administration and logistics of withdrawing the metal held.
  • If you are remote to Brisbane, Ainslie Wealth can ship your bullion directly to you, arrange a storage account where they can store it for you, or deliver (no charge) to Reserve Vault/Melbourne Vault where you can get your own safe or a custodial account.
  • There is no further charge if you accept the largest bullion bars available (at Ainslie Wealth’s discretion) within your redemption amount. You can however pay a small barring fee if you wish to take specific smaller bars of various types or brands if available.
  • Generally you can redeem without notice, simply transfer the tokens to Ainslie Wealth and they hand over the bullion. However for larger redemptions you should ring or email Ainslie Wealth to allow time (up to a week) for them to burn the tokens and recover the metal from Reserve Vault.
  • Instead of redeeming, Ainslie Wealth also accept both Gold Standard and Silver Standard as a form of payment for any quantity or type of bullion just as they do for other cryptocurrencies.