Why Digitise Physical Precious Metals?
The advantages of owning digital bullion:
  • Low cost and efficient way to frequently trade gold and silver without the hassles and expense of physical transport.
  • Safe haven for crypto traders to park profits or as a way to diversify a speculative portfolio.
  • Zero storage cost.
  • Secure solution for long term holders of gold and silver.
  • Lower spreads than you would ordinarily pay for bars or coins from a bullion dealer.
  • Greater transparency than traditional allocated storage.
  • Supply robustness. Buy AUS and AGS during physical bullion supply squeezes 24/7 365.
Why Gold Silver Standard over other “store of value” solutions?
  • Gold treasures have been found dating from as far back as the 5th millennium BC. Its use as money is rooted in its rarity and consistent appearance throughout history as a display of wealth, power and status.
  • Bullion functions as a long-term store of value and has maintained its real purchasing power in terms of commodities and intermediate products for thousands of years. Bullion remains the ultimate dollar hedge and is the only global currency that is no one's liability. Indeed, bullion is 'pure money'.
  • With accelerating digitisation, NFT innovations can have an even greater impact on how we store wealth for future generations to come - whether that means by transforming traditional drivers like network effects or trade linkages between countries' economies.
  • In the most bearish case, roughly 15% of the digital economy will move to the digital world. The potential market is predicted to become a $6.91T-$9.31T industry.
  • Future innovations using NFTs, such as DeFi lending/borrowing, fractional ownership, crowdfunding, and more, have the potential to transform many, if not all industries.
  • Gold and Silver Standard allows precious metals to have a home in the beautiful and interconnected NFT network. This means that even more features and benefits can easily be unlocked in the future.
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