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Gold and silver, anywhere, anytime.

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Bamboo is a trusted investment app that links with your bank account, making tiny investments into crypto and precious metals whenever you spend money.
Bamboo makes investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver Standard so simple, you'll wish you'd started sooner.
Bamboo is the savings app that's so simple, anyone can use it. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. We've made it easy to put small amounts into cryptocurrency and precious metals.
Start your micro-investment journey in only 90 seconds.


A community gateway to an ethical cryptoverse

Marhaba is a complete, safe and user friendly platform that will provide maximum access to [interest free] DeFi, NFT and Cryptoasset opportunities.
Cryptocurrency is, principally, about being your own bank and taking control of your finances. It is financial freedom. AUS and AGS just went global thanks to MRHB DeFi. Enjoy $0.00 on transfers, $0.00 for storage and low margins, all while remaining trustless!

Ethical and Halal

It is widely acknowledged that moral failure was a key cause of the last financial crisis that destroyed so many livelihoods.
Ethics and halal financial principles are a set of guidelines, beliefs and rules which determine the conduct of the MRHB platform and its products.
A key principle of MRHB is that interest-based lending drives excessive indebtedness and consumption which is contrary to financial, environmental and social sustainability. Thus amongst other services our platform will offer interest-free based crypto financing in the future.


TijarX is a decentralized exchange for tokenized commodities like Gold Standard and Silver Standard. This is where users will be able to trade Gold and Silver Standard. This is specifically going to globalise AUS and AGS tokens and welcome the Muslim community to Gold and Silver Standard, as MRHB is an ethical, Shariah-compliant trading platform.


Buy, Sell & Swap Cryptocurrency

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and a whole world of other digital currencies.
adcca industry certified

The trusted Australian platform

Since 2013, CoinSpot have worked hard to maintain a trustworthy character. Certified with Blockchain Australia and Sci Qual, they ensure their users feel as safe and secure as possible when taking the leap into crypto.

Coinspot Mastercard

Our friends at CoinSpot have made owning and utilising AUS & AGS even easier with the release of CoinSpot Mastercard. Instantly top up your card using AUS & AGS and use your CoinSpot Mastercard online and in-store anywhere Mastercard is accepted! From everyday transactions to holidays for the whole family, enjoy a seamless spending of your digital gold and silver.

Gold/Silver Ratio Bundle

The CoinSpot GSR Bundle is an optimised way to gain exposure to the precious metals market by balancing allocation of gold and silver based on the Gold-Silver Ratio (GSR).
The Gold-Silver Ratio Bundle is built on the basis of mean reversion and history rhyming. The bundle aims to optimise value growth in a portfolio of both gold and silver by purchasing whichever metal is considered more "undervalued" judging by the previous 30 years performance.
The bundle breaks the GSR price into 20 brackets between the high and low of the last 30 years. Updated regularly, whenever the GSR crosses into a different bracket, the bundle changes how much gold you are buying relative to silver. When the GSR is high, you will be buying more silver relative to gold and when the GSR is low, you will be buying more gold relative to silver. This means that you will always be buying the precious metal which is more "undervalued" compared to its counterpart.


Buy, sell & trade digital currencies and precious metals with AUD now. An Australian digital metals exchange backed by a treasury of physical precious metals.


Metex is an Australian registered company focused on building an ecosystem around the tokenization and trade of precious metals, with flat delivery of physical metals available within Australia.


MEtex's goal is to make the daunting task of buying and selling physical metals fast, secure and affordable. Metex provides a safe and simple trading platform allowing anyone to focus on trading tokenized precious metals.


Metex take security seriously. Utilising permissioned distributed ledger technology we make sure that our digital assets are in a fully controlled environment while maintaining trust between partnered companies.
Purchase in person, at our offices.
AUS and AGS can be purchased in person at our Ainslie Crypto office locations in Brisbane and Melbourne. Alternatively, you can purchase online or over the phone.
Over the Counter purchasing (OTC) comes with a few benefits, namely you can:
  • Discuss the purchase and deal with a real person.
  • Have no upper limit in the total transaction amount.
  • Lock in a price and THEN pay.
  • Multiple methods of payment, with no need to be registered within an exchange or waiting for your deposit to arrive onto that exchange whilst the price moves.
  • Open a cold storage account where we look after your wallet.
  • Enjoy discounted car parking during your stay in our office.
Please read Ainslie's terms and conditions before making your purchase.

Who is Ainslie Crypto?

Ainslie Crypto is our sister company and part of the 45 year old Ainslie group. Ainslie Crypto offers OTC crypto and bullion purchases and sales. Trades can be done in store, over the phone, or via their webshop. Ainslie Crypto buy and sell bullion for and with a range of crypto currencies (including Gold and Silver Standard) or AUD. Ainslie Crypto offer their completely cold Ainslie Crypto Wallet for free with any purchase or can send to a nominated address.
Ainslie Crypto also offer cold storage accounts. Crypto storage accounts use ‘paper’ wallets produced off line and stored safely in Reserve Vault before they are loaded. This means there is no risk of hacking as they are completely cold, and stored securely in one of the safest, independently owned vaults in the world, in geopolitically safe Australia. Storage accounts are perfect for remote customers or those wanting an experienced custodian to look after it all for them.