Built By Ainslie

Ainslie Bullion commenced trading as the Australian Bullion Company in 1974, making us the oldest bullion company in Queensland & Melbourne. In 1990 we changed our name to Ainslie Bullion Company. Over nearly 40 years we have become one of Australia’s largest bullion dealers through an earned reputation of being fair and honest in our trading whilst being very competitive in our pricing.
Ainslie Bullion’s scale of operation means we buy at competitive prices and have greater capacity for immediate supply of a full range of bullion product. We also have the capacity through scale of being able to buy back larger amounts of bullion, settling immediately in cash.
We also have our very popular and widely trusted Ainslie Bullion branded gold and silver bullion. These lustrous cast bars provide people with the added comfort of knowing it’s come from a trusted source. We stand behind all our branded product 100%.
Ainslie's two Directors, Paul and Stephanie bring a combined 50 years of trading within both private and publicly listed companies but always with a focus on exemplary customer service on a strong business foundation.
There are a number of ways to buy and sell precious metals bullion with Ainslie:
  1. 1.
    In store – we have a number of sales consultant in individual offices where customers can deal privately and have their queries answered or see the bullion before buying.
  2. 2.
    By Phone / email – customers can place orders over the phone or via email and come collect or have the purchase shipped to them or stored.
  3. 3.
    By webshop – our e-commerce platform allows customers to browse the full range of products with live pricing, select what they want and secure that with a 10% deposit by card. Customers then have the choice of taking the metal with them (from store), having it delivered to them (at a cost covering charge), delivered to Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault (at no charge), or taking a Storage Account with Ainslie with 2 choices. Allocated sees specific bars and coins bought stored for an annual charge in safes in either of the above vaults. Unallocated sees them own a share of pooled bullion held by Ainslie and having a certificate of ownership of that many oz or kilos of metal. Both storage options have fully insured metal and Ainslie has absolutely secured all the metal owed to unallocated clients.

The Ainslie Advantage

Ainslie are uniquely positioned to provide the most trustworthy, transparent and direct gold and silver backed digital currencies in the industry. Our success in the bullion industry over the last almost 50 years means that we have the partnerships, integrations and infrastructure in place to deliver the worlds preeminent fully backed tokens.
No fund raising, no wait, no gimmicks. Ready to go with real liquidity and metal already in custody.