Digitising Real Gold and Silver Bullion

Why Gold and Silver Belong In The Digital World

  • Low cost and efficient way to frequently trade gold and silver without the hassles and expense of physical transport.
  • Safe haven for crypto traders to park profits or as a way to diversify a speculative portfolio.
  • Zero storage cost.
  • Secure solution for long term holders of gold and silver.
  • Lower spreads than you would ordinarily pay for bars or coins from a bullion dealer.
  • Greater transparency than traditional allocated storage.
  • Supply robustness. Buy AUS and AGS during physical bullion supply squeezes 24/7 365.

Crypto, But Better

In their current form, NFTs are for the collectors. We collect NFTs as a form of Web3 self-expression, to join communities and build brands. While Gold Silver Standard believes that NFT technology can be applied for much greater purposes, we also believe that we can support this community of collectors by adding true value.
By adding a firm price floor to the collection, collectors can limit their downside risk. You can focus on the artwork and collecting your favourite pieces, leave the value to us!

Leveraging Digital Gold and Silver

We're knocking down traditional barriers.
It's still early for anyone looking closely at NFT lending. A variety of pieces need to get more built out for DeFi and NFTs to complement each other fully, but it is certainly underway and will be yet another factor in securing the independence of a self-sustaining Metaverse financial structure.
The most important issue in financialising NFTs is price discovery. However, this is now solved with Gold Silver Standard NFTs – because the underlying gold is a guarantee for the NFT.
How can a lender decide how much to offer as a loan against an NFT if they don't reliably know what the NFT will sell for should the borrower default? Well, now they know. This is the final piece of this puzzle. The lender knows how much to offer as a loan against an NFT because they can assess risk and know that if it defaults, there'll be precious metals backing up their investment!
Liquidity providers use their idle capital to earn attractive yield and, in case of Borrower defaults, they have a chance at obtaining NFTs at a steep discount compared to market prices. Strategies vary among liquidity providers.

Safety In Liquidity

Crypto is, principally, about being your own bank and taking control of your finances. It is about freedom of finances. For the most part, this has been achieved. But the industry still has many inefficiencies, which is where Gold Silver Standard steps in.
Right now, if you wanted to offload a significant amount of cryptocurrency and park your profits into a safe asset (while remaining decentralised), your only option is either a USD based stable coin – which is subject to inflation – or going to liquidity pools for other inferior bullion-backed tokens. Liquidity pools have low depth and high gas fees, making them an inefficient option.
With Gold Silver Standard Collection, you can instantly mint NFTs backed with a range of gold or silver backing, paying minimum fees. With a few clicks on our website, you can swap your crypto profits for high value, fully backed, fully redeemable gold and silver – all the while remaining in the cryptocurrency/blockchain ecosystem.